have built an enviable reputation for providing the very best composite repairs across a wide range of industries. We have conducted thousands of repairs on components for customers all over the world in carbon, Kevlar, Aramid and fibreglass.

Prestige and Exotic Road Cars are proud to have longstanding relationships with a number of supercar manufacturers and their dealer networks. We are able to fully restore aesthetic carbon parts such as splitters, diffusers and spoilers. During the repair process, we can match the original weave pattern, join position, and lacquer finish, leaving the parts looking completely as new.

We also specialise in structural repairs to carbon fibre chassis/tubs. We have repaired a number of supercar chassis’ and crash structures, including Lamborghini Aventador, Mclarens, LaFerrari, Ferrari Enzo, Porsche Carrera GT, Mercedes SLR and more.

Supercar Salvage
Our extensive paint shop facilities and previous mechanical experience mean we are able to conduct full supercar salvage repairs from start to finish if required.

With an extensive background in the motorsport industry, we understand the complex needs of race teams and privateers. We are able to provide extremely fast turnaround times (sometimes overnight when necessary), and will ensure that we meet the customers deadlines each and every time. We can provide both structural and non-structural repairs with little or no weight gain.

We have repaired prosthetics, orthotics, and wheelchairs, as well as a number of carbon radiotherapy beds for the NHS.

We can utilise carbon fibre to repair and reinforce various metal structures, and in conjunction with a leading railway engineering firm we have developed a process to repair aluminium corrosion using carbon fibre. We have also repaired various industrial machinery made from carbon, such as guillotines and presses.

Lacquers and coatings
We can safely remove and replace aesthetic coatings and lacquers. Our clear coats have U.V stabilisation and scratch resistance to ensure durability.

Ultrasonic Inspection
We utilise ultrasonic NDT (non-destructive testing) to assess any structural component prior to repair. We can conduct ultrasonic testing on site if required, and are often used to assess the integrity of carbon chassis/tubs after accidents.

On Site Repair
Although generally reserved as a last resort, we do have portable hot bonding equipment that allows us to conduct repairs on site anywhere in the world when necessary.

Carbon Fibre Manufacturing
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